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Natural odor and stain remover, with amazing results!

P – EZ – out stain and odor remover in Lists natural bio – enzymatic technology combined with natural plant – based cleaners today just and eliminate organic materials, stains, and odor is caused by urine, vomit, feces and pet beds. PEZ out can also be used for other  malodors areas such as, upholstered furniture, drains, laundry, Garbage disposal, sports equipment, RVs and automobile carpeting. All true pet care products are made to keep you, your pet, and the earth healthy and clean!


5 Ingredients                /   What it Does                /  Where it comes from

-High Count Bacteria   /   Eats Away Pet Stains   /  Good Bacteria

-Enzymes                    /    Speeds up Reaction   /   Amino Acids

-Alcohol Ethoxylate     /     Cleans Fibers             /   Coconuts

-Cranberry Extract      /      Fragrance                 /   Cranberries

-Pimiento Berry Oil     /      Fragrance                 / Pimento Berries





Pee Ez Out

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