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MCS Carpet Cleaning

Joel and Alexis Strobl

The husband and wife Duo for your carpet cleaning needs.

How does it work ?

The RotoVac works ten times harder than a wand

(the tool most typical cleaners use )
it has three vacuums,
three sprayers and has bristles along the whole bottom of the machine that really dig into the  carpet.

Our 4 step process to our cleaning .



1.We vacuum the entire area getting any gravel, sand, or dirt that may be in the carpet.  

2.Next we take our pre-spray and spray all areas , letting it sit for at least ten minutes to loosen all the filth that may be in the carpet.

3.Then we take our machine and clean all the carpet areas, spraying it down with water then extracting it out at the same time, getting a very deep clean.  



4.Our final step is simple, we like to rake the carpet with our carpet rake, we brush all the carpet areas, what it does is it stands up all the carpet fibers and takes all the lines that are left by the machine and make everything look nicer and cleaner, it also helps the carpet dry faster.  ​

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